Endurance Wind Power (UK) Limited – In Administration

Endurance Energy Mftg (UK) Ltd – In Administration

The affairs, business and property of Endurance Wind Power (UK) Limited and Endurance Energy MFTG (UK) Limited are being managed by Sarah O’Toole and Eddie Williams, appointed as Joint Administrators on 30 November 2016. The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Companies and without personal liability.

Investing In Wind


Many Ways to Benefit from Clean Energy Generation

If you are lucky enough to have space and good wind, there is almost certainly a way to benefit from using it to generate clean energy with an Endurance wind turbine. No matter what your budget, there are many ways for you to reach your business and financial goals from direct ownership to crowd funding initiatives.


Direct Ownership Investing directly in a turbine requires the most capital and provides the most income from energy generated. Determining the right Endurance wind turbine is a function of land size, wind speed, your own business goals and available financing options.Endurance has developed many helpful relationships to help turbine owners arrange the best options for finance, insurance and income from selling energy (export).

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Ownership from £100 You could earn from a wind turbine for as little as £100. The Small Wind Coop offers people the chance to support three community turbines spanning across different countries in the UK. This innovative new community energy project delivers annual rates forecasted between 4.5% and 6.5% for 6 to 20 years.

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Multi-Unit Projects Investment groups seeking multi-unit wind turbine investments now have the option to work directly with Endurance Wind Power. In addition to working with the manufacturer, multi-unit investors of our 225kW X35 will also have the option to purchase a variety of warranty products to better assure project success.

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