Endurance Wind Power (UK) Limited – In Administration

Endurance Energy Mftg (UK) Ltd – In Administration

The affairs, business and property of Endurance Wind Power (UK) Limited and Endurance Energy MFTG (UK) Limited are being managed by Sarah O’Toole and Eddie Williams, appointed as Joint Administrators on 30 November 2016. The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Companies and without personal liability.

Grogarth Farm

June 4, 2013

Richard Bray discusses his new E-3120 50kW wind turbine on Grogarth Farm.

Richard states “Depending where you stand on the farm, the most you can see is to 8 Endurance turbines. They blend in quite well to the countryside and the surrounding area.” He goes on to describe the E-3120 turbine, “it does what it has to do and what you need it to do to be viable.” Thanks for sharing your E-3120 experience Richard!