Endurance Wind Power (UK) Limited – In Administration

Endurance Energy Mftg (UK) Ltd – In Administration

The affairs, business and property of Endurance Wind Power (UK) Limited and Endurance Energy MFTG (UK) Limited are being managed by Sarah O’Toole and Eddie Williams, appointed as Joint Administrators on 30 November 2016. The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Companies and without personal liability.

Wind Knowledge

E-3120 Wind-Turbine

How to Build a Wind Turbine

Ever wondered how involved building a wind turbine really is? There are 9 major steps involved in building the Endurance E3120.

Take a tour of how Endurance assembles its famous E Series wind turbine.

See How it’s done

    Our advanced lean assembly procedures and continuous on and offsite testing ensure we produce a high quality wind turbine. The regimented standard operating procedures, and quality checklists, deliver turbines that are produced in accordance with our high quality specifications.We pride ourselves on designing a world class turbine including the electrical systems and remote monitoring software.

    So just how do we build our wind turbines?

E-3120 Wind-Turbine Maximise Productivity

Siting is integral to the efficiency of your turbine and can significantly affect the financial outcome of your wind turbine. Many steps are involved in the assessment of your wind resource and your local Endurance Partner/Dealer will properly assess your land space to ensure that you receive the most from your turbine.

Learn more about siting

E-3120 Wind Turbine Planning Your Project

From start to finish, the planning, design and installation of a wind turbine can take upwards of a year. Knowing the project scope and steps involved will allow you to plan efficiently and effectively.

Steps include:

  • Know Your Options
  • Engage with a Dealer
  • Site Qualification
  • Planning
  • Financing
  • Installation and Commissioning

Find Out What’s Involved