Endurance Wind Power (UK) Limited – In Administration

Endurance Energy Mftg (UK) Ltd – In Administration

The affairs, business and property of Endurance Wind Power (UK) Limited and Endurance Energy MFTG (UK) Limited are being managed by Sarah O’Toole and Eddie Williams, appointed as Joint Administrators on 30 November 2016. The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Companies and without personal liability.

How to Build a Wind Turbine

Step 1: Building the Gearbox Assembly

The first step in building a wind turbine is assembling the nacelle. The nacelle sits on the top of the tower and holds the blades. At the centre of the nacelle is the gearbox which is installed by mounting the bearings to the main shaft. The main shaft is then installed into the gearbox.


Step 2: Attaching Turbine Base to Shipping Frame

With the shaft and gearbox in place, we attach the turbine base to a steel shipping frame. The turbine base is used to connect the nacelle to the tower in the final phase of installation. Once this is complete, we mount the yaw system to the mainframe and mount the mainframe and yaw bearing to the turbine base.


Step 3: Mounting the Gearbox and Generator

The next step is to mount the gearbox and the generator to the mainframe. This forms the Power Train of the turbine that will be placed into the nacelle. The generator takes kinetic energy from the wind that is captured by the blades and converts it into electrical energy that is ready for the grid.


Step 4: Wiring the Electrical Controls

Next, we proceed to wire in the turbine’s electrical controls – including the nacelle control cabinet which houses some of the electronic components and controls the turbine.


Step 5: Dynamometer Testing

The turbine is then run through several hours of rigorous analysis by means of dynamometer testing. Dynamometer testing simulates real operating conditions to ensure the turbine is functioning correctly before it is delivered and installed for the customer. 151 checks are performed during this step.


Step 6: Placing the Rotor Hub

The rotor hub is then placed on the main shaft which supports the connection of the blades to the nacelle. This step also involves attaching a lightning protection system to the blade holder which will help protect the turbine if it is ever struck by lightning.


Step 7: Adding Nacelle Cover

The nacelle then receives its outer cover. From there finishing touches are added to the turbine which include cleaning, polishing and branding it with the iconic Endurance “e”.


Step 8: Preparing the Blades

The turbine blades are also inspected and then prepared for assembly. The turbine blades are shipped along with the nacelle and are attached to the hub during the turbine’s installation and commissioning.


Step 9: Shipping & Arrival

The final step in the turbine’s development is another thorough inspection. Here the final inspections of 675 verification points through the assembly process are carried out. Now the Endurance turbine is ready to be shipped to our customers around the world.


*Endurance E logo is a registered trademark of Endurance Wind Power Inc.

E 3120 Wind Turbine Assembly Video